2013 Permaculture Design Course

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PDC WheelLooking for deep solutions in a world of challenges?  The 72-hour Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) course will introduce you to strategies and tools for designing and living in landscapes, homes, businesses, and communities that are regenerative—that is that go well beyond just depleting resources and the human spirit, to actually renewing and invigorating them. You’ll learn to create and practice sustainable solutions for food, water, energy, and shelter; building social capital; developing a sustainable economy, renewing local communities on all scales, and more. Gain a comprehensive framework for critical decision-making to guide re-designing human settlements, from backyards to cityscapes, based on the patterns of natural ecosystems. Permaculture is about a whole lot more than just gardening! Guest instructors will provide a diversity of examples of permaculture in practice. Students will apply the concepts of the course through a group design project. Most of the student design projects from last year’s course are now being implemented around the Bay Area.     

This course is recommended for green architects, landscape contractors, county and city leaders, policy-makers, homeowners, farmers, business owners and anybody seeking a pathway to truly sustainable change. During this course you’ll develop new relationships, connecting with people concerned about and inspired by, many similar topics as you. Many people find this course to be one of the most transformative experiences of their life.

“I would say personally it was one of my favorite things I have ever been involved in. Also in terms of what the world needs to heal, the info presented here offers the most rational and intuitively proactive response possible.” (Matt Grantham, Napa, CA)

“I wish I had taken this course before I was vice-mayor. The regenerative design tools and strategies presented are so needed in local government. Other government officials would certainly benefit from these tools, which can be applied to crafting solutions to the toughest challenges, by taking an integrated approach to doing more with less.”  (Tiffany Renee, former vice-mayor of Petaluma, CA)

“I’m not sure what I was expecting—but the course opened my eyes to what could be. I will never look at the land the same way again—I have a new toolbox to see and engage with the world. The design project gave our team an opportunity to direct our passions and build teamwork. It got us out of our comfort zone and allowed each of use to rise to our highest selves.” (Richard Parker, AIA, San Francisco, CA)

The course is led by Toby Hemenway, whose Permaculture guidebook, Gaia’s Garden, has been the best-selling permaculture book worldwide for the past 7 years. Having taught over 50 Permaculture Design Courses, Toby is one of the premier permaculture educators in the world today. Guest instructors include acclaimed experts Larry Santoyo, Brock Dolman, Erik Ohlsen, John Valenzuela and others. See The Instructors to learn more.

Upon successful completion of the course participants will earn a Permaculture Design Certificate issued by The Permaculture Institute (USA), the principal certifying body in the US.

Daily Acts' Permaculture Design Certification counts as the elective portion of Dominican University's Sustainable Practices Certification program. Learn more about earning both certificates.

For more information, please contact Ryan Johnston at 707-789-9664 or ryan@dailyacts.org

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SunflowerMuch gratitude to our community partner, Lydia’s Organics, for providing the space to host this course. The Sunflower Center is a cafe and community center that serves a full menu of gluten-free cooked and raw items. It is a great gathering space for sharing food, knowledge and creativity. The permaculture ethics of earth care, people care and fair share are core to Lydia’s Organics approach to business. Earlier this year in partnership with Daily Acts, Lydia’s Organics sheet mulched the resource-thirsty front lawn of the Sunflower Center in preparation to replace it with an edible landscape that students will help design

Lydia's Organics will provide incredibly tasty and healthful lunch, snacks and coffee/tea each day of the course (included with tuition). To respect the integrity of their onsite commercial food production, there is no outside food permitted in the Sunflower Center.